Only Jesus the Messiah can fix what has gone so wrong in us and around us…we have a relational problem with God.So the mercies of God come through a Person who comes in person to restore peace.He alone touches deep enough to untangle the roots of everything else that troubles us.”  David Powlison


Life is hard and full of drama and we respond in various and troubling ways.  People have problems and tend to react problematically, struggling with big and small issues alike: everything from annoying habits that are hard to kick to full blown addictive behavior, from little conflicts in relationships to complete communication break down, from anxious thoughts and mild anxiety  to severe panic attacks and the deepest, darkest depression.  Human beings often live lives of quiet desperation, wearing masks, fearing what others think, feeling like hypocrites, longing to be different, but having no real hope for authentic and lasting change.


Biblical counseling is built on the simple truth that God has spoken to us in his Word, and revealed everything we need to know about him, ourselves, and how to live in his world. The Lord, who made us, sees, evaluates and speaks to every aspect of human life and understands the deepest complexities and struggles of the human heart.  Scripture speaks to the heart, where we trust and love either the true God or some other God-replacement in our lives such as pleasure, control, peace or prosperity. The Bible is not an encyclopedia or a how-to book of techniques for change, but rather a grand story of redemption that ultimately points to a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. It is in relationship with this Jesus –through his life, death, resurrection and rule that people become different and experience true and lasting change in the midst of their various human struggles.

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